Dogwood Dobes

Hello, and thank you for visiting my web page. My name is Cheryl, and I am the owner of Dogwood Dobes. I have been a fan of Dobermans for many years, but fell in love in 2003. I started off as rescuing two sister Dobermans in North Carolina, I never realized what amazing companions they really are. I later moved back up north to Pennsylvania in 2005, and that is where I started breeding.

Currently I raise three dogs in my own home, two bitches and one sire. My Doberman's come from champion bloodlines.
Please click on a link to view their own pages.

The thing about my Dobermans is that they are not dogs, but they are family. I breed them in the intentions of their babies going to loving homes, and living good lives. My Dobermans are raised as my kids with my kids. I do not think of myself as a kennel. My Dobes are special to me and I care about where the puppies go. I have a contract posted so you can see the kind of "parents" I wish my puppies to find new homes with.

Please Read My Puppy Contract 

Please feel free to look around, and email me @ with and questions, comments, or statements.

Have a great day!

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